Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black !!

Many of the most connected political operatives in the United States have reported on many of the potential topics that were discussed by President Bush and his Chinese counterpart President Hu.

A consensus has emerged among these well connected journalists and opinion shapers that a major topic was that of energy. President Bush, the political leader of a nation that consumes over 20 million barrels of crude oil a day has expressed concern about the rising level of consumption of a nation that has over five times the US population and yet consumes less than one third the US total. Can anyone pull that with a straight face? Are we truly telling others that we see nothing wrong in consuming fifteen times what they do on a per capita basis and that it is their relatively smaller consumption that needs to be constrained so that we can go on building our large homes, driving our huge SUVs and maintaining our highly energy intensive life style? It does take lots of chutzpah to do that, doesn’t it?