Friday, September 30, 2011

I am for clean energy provided it is in someone else's backyard

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well in this case it sure is.
I honestly think that it would be redundant to say much about the accompanying image, it tells the whole story and very effectively for that matter. It also demonstrates clearly that most of us are not that sincere about the claims that we make.(Thanks Marcia)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rogue Herbicide

It is as if the problems associated with Round up , a herbicide produced by Monsanto, are not enough to worry about. As the previous post notes that gave us the Super Weed. Not to be outdone DuPont's Herbicide; Imprelis; designed to stop weeds from growing is killing trees and poisoning the water table wherever it is used. It has been labelled the Rogue Herbicide by Jim Hightower whose full column follows:

In the corporate world's tortured language, workers are no longer fired. They just experience an "employment adjustment." But the most twisted euphemism I've heard in a long time comes from DuPont: "We are investigating the reports of these unfavorable tree symptoms," the pesticide maker recently stated.

How unfavorable? Finito, flat-lined, the tree is dead. Not just one tree, but hundreds of thousands all across the country are suffering the final "symptom."

The culprit turns out to be Imprelis, a DuPont weed-killer widely applied to lawns, golf courses, and — ironically — cemeteries.

Rather than just poisoning dandelions and other weeds, the herbicide also seems to be causing spruces, pines, willows, poplars, and other unintended victims to croak.

"It's been devastating," says a Michigan landscaper who applied Imprelis to about a thousand properties this spring and has already had more than a third of them suffer outbreaks of tree deaths. "It looks like someone took a flamethrower to them," he says.

At first, DuPont tried to dodge responsibility, claiming that landscape workers might be applying the herbicide improperly. The corporation even urged customers to be patient and leave the tree corpses on their lawns to see if they'd come back to life in a few years.

However, faith-based landscaping was a hard sell. Disgruntled homeowners began filing lawsuits. Then DuPont had its own "aha!" moment when trees on the grounds of the DuPont Country Club also developed the "unfavorable symptoms" of Imprelis poisoning.

So, with DuPont's cooperation, the EPA has finally banned sales of the tree-killing herbicide. But because of inadequate testing and a rush to profit, the poison will remain in the soil — and our water— for many moons. Trees will continue to die. Will we never learn?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super Weeds

Well it happened again. Monsanto the company that gave us Terminator seeds, those that are designed to become infertile so that farmers will have to buy seeds every year has managed to let lose in the US agricultural fields another genetically designed disaster.

This time around it is not “Gene Use Restriction Technology”, GURT, that is the issue but it is Roundup the weed killer and the Roundup ready seeds. Roundup is a bestselling weed killer that is also engineered into the seeds of corn or soybean in order to keep weeds under control, increase crop yields and generate more profits for Monsanto. Unfortunately, and dare I say as expected, the use of Roundup has resulted in the creation of Super Weeds that have already spread to 11 million acres of fertile farmland in the US and threatens to spread into much larger areas. Simply stated the weeds have developed immunity to Roundup that was designed to kill them.
The new Super Weeds are called “waterhemp” and grow four feet tall. These Super Weeds are super because they can grow two inches a day and can withstand multiple applications of the herbicide Roundup. These weeds do their damage by sucking up the moisture and the nutrients out of the soil which increases the cost of farming and decreases the productivity of the farmer not to mention its environmental damage which could be permanent.

Is the Tomato that ate Manhattan far behind Will we ever learn not to mess around with Mother Nature?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Smart Planet

Frankly , I post this with lots of trepidation since , as you should know by now, I do not share the view that the following information has much to do with environmentalism:-). Yet, I do not want anyone to miss taking advantage of an opportunity that is deemed to be of value to the student. I guess that I am warning you that IBM might be piggybacking on the interest in green living and environmental education but IBM might be , on the other hand, very sincere in its commitment to a Smarter Planet. You decide.


Join the hunt for a Smarter Planet
Do you have the right skills to get a top job when you graduate? IBM wants to make sure you do!

IBM is coming to Pace on October 11th with the ”Smarter Planet Comes to You: Developing Skills for a New Level of Smart” tour, where you can:

Participate in a high-tech on-campus scavenger hunt that will help build your know-how about making our planet smarter. (Including $800 in prizes, and, of course, food!)
Visit the Skills Zones throughout the event. Try your hand at beating Watson in the gaming zone, learn about jobs, skills development, talk to experts, and more.
Attend the after-party information session for a deeper look at how you can better compete in this smarter job market. Learn what recruiters are looking for, access skills education, resources and job/internship postings. Network with IBM executives, skills and sales professionals, alumni, professors, your peers and more after a panel discussion on Skills for the 21st Century

Building a Smarter Planet requires a new way of thinking and a new way of applying technology to solve business and world problems. This is also increasing the demand for highly skilled workers and toughening the requirements for the best jobs. As the next generation of business and technology leaders, come and learn more about what it takes to build a smarter planet, ways to enhance your skills profile, and how to get engaged. We hope to see you on October 11th. Register at

o Take 2 mins to learn more about this event in this fun video...

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o Where: Pleasantville Campus, Kessel Student Center on Tuesday, October 11, 2011
o Scavenger Hunt: Sign-in 3:15pm, Hunt 4 – 5:30pm, After-party Info session/prizes 5:30 – 6:45pm
o IBM Skills Zones – throughout the event