Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is It Too Late to Stop Global Warming?

A post regarding the issue of Global Warming has been added to Environmental Ramblings. You can get there by using the Environmental Ramblings link found on the right hand side area of this blog.


Frank Marchese said...

Let it come, its about time we start to see consequences to our actions. Then the revolution will follow.

Frank Marchese said...

I vote for a Mad Max Dystopia , life would be more interesting and exciting

Haddy said...

I believe it is inevitable at this point. Our countless years of destructive behavior is finally going to come back and bite us right where our heads are. Yet Mother Nature is a tough one, she can survive earthquakes, tsunamis, etc, and revive herself each time, so once she heals herself, whether or not we are still alive to tell about it, she will up and running again. Humans could be another phenomenon like the dinosaurs, ruling the Earth for a while, yet did not exactly make the evolutionary cut. Though if we do make it through her game of red rover, maybe we will have a little more respect and appreciation.

Frank Marchese said...

I say shake us off this sphere, We have been given the power to create an eden but instead we squandered it on pointless made up currency, I believe that there is no sin greater than our environmental folly we are slowly devolving to a ignorant and useless form, I weep for the future generations because they will be stunted intellectually and physically because of our wasteful behavior, I wish to build a civilization which would live in perfect equilibrium with nature and culture but instead all we want is more things to horde within our defiled dens.

Valerie said...

TIME magazine has recently come out with a special issue on global warming. And basically the main point that they’re trying to get across is that the damage is already happening, with an instant and alarming rate. There photographs speak for themselves, especially the one where an enormous glacier that covered the Andes plains in 1928 is now completely gone. What’s left of it si retreating ice at 180 ft./year. Now if global warming didn’t do that, I don’t know what did. Same goes for the Arctic Sea where previously frozen over water is now free-flowing, disrupting migration and food supply.
So after a barrage of evidence, guilt, and fear - they propose a mild solution - stopping the problem before it spirals out of human control. A few small initiatives by energy companies, mayors, and activists are clearing through the mist, yet it certainly involves a global focus and action plan that must be launched as soon as possible. It’s true that we’ve seen much progress in moving towards a greener lifestyle (or at least advocacy for us to do so ), and yet waste and consumption are still on the rise. It’s all left to us people and our governments to regulate and prevent further destruction - after all, I couldn’t have agreed more with their quote that the giants of Asia, India and China, have a choice to either save the planet or destroy it. Simple, clear, and black & white.

ghassan karam said...

Frank, You might be right in suggesting that we will not change until something major happens

Haddy, I am inclined to think that our reign (humans) is not forever. Unfortunately we are playing a major part in hastening our own destruction.

Valerie, I have not had a chance to even look at the issue of Time that you are talking about. Make sure that we ask all students to take a look at it next week.

marie said...

I try to be optimistic about this issue but sometimes I find myself looking at the cup half empty. If right now we stopped emmitting pollutants into the atmosphere it might repair itself over a long period of time. However, that is not going to happen, industries, cars, cutting down forests etc. occurs everyday and is just going to get worse. At this point all we can do is attempt to slow down the process but still I am hopless. Our socitiey is too profit driven and tries to mask this problem, pretending that global warming is a "natural" process even though there is so much scientific evidence proving global warming and climate change.
Our planet's future lies in the hands of governments, the ones with power but unfourtanetly they dont seem to be doing anything so until a social movement against global warming starts, nothing will change. It seems like it is too late.

Frank Marchese said... , This link is to my own personal blog most of it has to do with some present situations if anyone cares to look.

Anonymous said...

Even if we completely stop poluting the atmosphere the temperaturew will still continue to rise!
You lousy adults have left us kids with a shit of a life to look forward to!
I am 15 and want to enjoy life but you guys have stuffed it up!

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