Thursday, May 18, 2006

Human- Chimps speciation

New evidence released by the journal NATURE suggests a new theory to explain the gaps in the fossil records regarding the split between the humans and Chimps. According to this new hypothesis the final speciation; split between humans and Chimpanzees; is much more recent than what used to be commonly believed. It is now estimated that the split into two different species occurred less than 6.3 million years ago and might have been as recent as 5.4 million years ago.

It is commonly believed that the split from an original ancestor, into humans and Chimpanzees, took place 9 million years ago. This is still the belief. The fossil record, however, contained a large gap that went unexplained until this recent study of genomes.
What the scientists have concluded sounds bizarre but it is as of today the only possible explanation of the developments that can be seen in the genetic codes.

The Harvard and MIT study reiterated the belief that the split from a common ancestor started 9 million years ago and was completed 6.3 million years ago. But this is where the new revelations become interesting. Early humans must have been attracted to the Chimps and must have mated with them, which created new hybrid specie. Finally the two animals split totally around 5.3 million years ago because they just did not find each other to be physically appealing.

Scientific evidence does not only claim that humans and chimpanzees have common ancestors but that both have even mated with each other. Does such a trial and error process require an intelligent designer?


Frank Marchese said...

Thats not what it said in the New Testament! on another note, thats kind of gross but I can see it happen. Darwinism is here to stay

Frank Marchese said...
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