Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frankestein Salmon?

Many will argue that a genetically engineered Salmon is safe to eat. That might be the case in the short run but we cannot be sure that such genetically modified species is totally safe especially if it is allowed to cross breed with other established specie. This case of approving a genetically modified Salmon is a clear violation of the Precautionary principle. The following article appeared in the NYT. Thanks Syed.

Members of a federal advisory committee seemed to conclude that genetically engineered super-salmon would be safe to eat and for the environment, but they also found gaps in the studies used to support that conclusion.The committee met to advise the Food and Drug Administration on whether to approve what would be the first genetically engineered animal to enter the American food supply.

The Atlantic salmon, which would be raised on farms, contain an extra growth hormone gene that allows them to grow to marketable size about twice as fast as conventional fish.

Committee members, who were not asked to vote on whether the fish should be approved, did not point out anything about the fish that would seem dangerous, despite one study suggesting a possible increase in the potential to cause allergic reactions. They said the chance the fish would escape into the wild was low.

“They didn’t see any glaring holes” in the data, Gregory A. Jaffe of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, who was the consumer representative on the committee, said after the meeting ended.

Still some panel members did say the studies the F.D.A. relied on to reach its own conclusion that the salmon would be safe were flawed, often using only a few dozen fish or even fewer.

“I do get heartburn when we’re going to allow post-market surveillance to finalize our safety evaluation,” said one committee member, Michael D. Apley, a pharmacology expert at Kansas State University.

The criticisms could add to the time needed to approve the salmon. It could also provide grist for consumer and environmental groups, many of which testified on Monday that the salmon should not be approved.

Approval of the salmon could pave the way for other such biotech animals to enter the food supply, like a pig developed in Canada that has more environmentally friendly manure.

The results could also influence other countries. Eric Hallerman, a fisheries expert at Virginia Tech, told the committee that fast-growing versions had already been developed for 18 different types of fish in various countries.

The salmon contain a growth hormone gene from the Chinook salmon and a genetic switch from the ocean pout that turns on an antifreeze gene. That allows the salmon to make growth hormone in cold weather, whereas salmon usually produce it only in warm weather.

Ronald L. Stotish, the chief executive of AquaBounty Technologies, the company that developed the salmon, told the committee that its AquAdvantage salmon would help the world meet rising demand for seafood without further devastating natural fisheries. He said it would be economical to grow the fish in inland tanks in the United States, saving the cost of flying in the fish from Chile or Norway, from which the United States now gets most of its Atlantic salmon, he said.

For now, though, the company’s eggs are being hatched at a company facility in Prince Edward Island, Canada. And the fish would be grown to size in only limited quantities at a company facility in Panama.

The company said that fish would not escape because they are grown inland in facilities with containment mechanisms. If any did escape, it said, the rivers outside the Canadian and Panama facilities would be too salty or warm for the fish to survive. And the fish would all be female and almost all would be sterile, so they would not interbreed with wild salmon.

But some committee members, as well as some environmental groups, said the government’s environmental assessment should evaluate what would happen if the salmon were grown widely in many facilities.

“The F.D.A. must consider issues related to realistic production scenarios,” said Anna Zivian, a senior manager at the group Ocean Conservancy.

One test showed a possible increase in the potential to cause allergic reactions that was almost statistically significant even though only six fish were used in each group in the study.

But several committee members said the meaning of that test’s results were open to question since it was not clear what amount of increase was meaningful.

Kevin Wells, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri and a committee member, said he doubted the fish would cause extra allergies.

“The salmon contains nothing that isn’t in the human diet,” he said.

The fish are being regulated under the process used to approve veterinary drugs. The F.D.A. held a half-day session on Sunday to give the committee, made up mostly of veterinarians, a primer on genetic engineering.

Approval, if it comes, is likely to take at least several months. The F.D.A. said it would prepare an environmental assessment that would be open to comment for 30 days. If the agency decides that there could be a significant environmental impact — something that does not appear likely — it will have to do a full environmental impact statement, which could take months or years.

The F.D.A. will have a public hearing on whether the salmon, if approved, should be labeled.


Melanie Shao said...

This consumer-oriented attempt to increase salmon production is the outright denial of the worldview we all should adopt to be sustainable and survive as a species, which advocates a simple style of life instead of economic growth and increased levels of production. What we should do is not to play gods and interfere with the ways of nature, but to protect the salmon we have now instead of engineering the species only to satisfy our needless wants.

Jordan Jones-Brewster said...

I find that the whole idea of genetically modified foods could be one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in history, although I do admit that in general more testing has to be done to perfect that method of food production. Something like this could be the answer to issues of hunger around the world if used correctly (although it has not been used for that reason as yet). On the other hand that still does not make it an environmentally safe process all the time, which can serve to be a problem in some instances.

catherine said...

I'm sorry but this is really scary. And to think that they need to have a hearing to decide if genetically modified food should be labeled upon entering the market. Of course they should. This is not the answer, scientists are not God. We shouldn't go around creating animals because we are too greedy to consume only what nature can provide for us. How can we really be sure of the consequences of genetically modifying our food sources, on the humans that eat the fish, to the fish themselves, or to the environment they are a part of. When stem cell research is such a controversial issue I am surprised people seem so keen to allow this type of behavior with animals.

Anonymous said...

This genetically modified salmon grows twice as fast as a regular one? Are we as Americans that selfish and impatient we would inject fish with growth hormones so that we can bake more salmon pie and sell more in restaurants? And let's say that one Atlantic salmon did "escape into the wild," as they did say the chances are LOW, but not guaranteed. How long do you give it before the never ending cycle begins of genetically modified Atlantic salmon breeding with the normal fish? They say if the salmon reach the water, they will die because they aren't meant to live in those conditions, but when you're fooling with "God's Plan" or Nature's Design, nothing can ever be for certain. The fact that we now have a term, "biotech animals" drives me crazy, WHY?! Where exactly is the necessity in this? The F.D.A is ridiculous for even debating if a label should be put on these Atlantic fish when the experiments are complete. They must have ingested too many fish containing mercury.

Sarah Dumont!! said...

The anonymous above ^ is from Sarah Dumont, oops! :)

Anonymous said...

The idea of genetically-modified salmon is not only risky but selfish on our parts. Not only might it affect the environment, but it could negatively affect the human health somehow. I think we just don't know enough yet to approve something as big as this. Either we need more time and research to really find out if this will negatively affect our environment and our society, or we should just simply leave nature alone and let these fish grown naturally without human tampering.

Monique Rivera

Astia LeBron said...

Clearly the next step to the genetic modification of these fish is selling them globally and further shrinking the varienty of food eaten elsewhere. Like what has happpened with the meat industries this country tends to constantly produce goods that have surpluses that other nations end up being pressured to by. Pretty soon there will be a global hype about salmon beauty products and salmon pills. Unfortunely, nations will continue to lose because of our "advances".

Cody Clement-Sanders said...

Although faster growing salmon could ease some food shortage issues, I do not agree with genetically modifying anything in nature. Not unlike Monsanto, who engineered and patented Round-Up ready canola seeds, someone will own the patent to these salmon. Forget the scientific implications, this is merely an attempt to cure the symptoms of an underlying problem, we should focus more on solving the problem of population growth and sustainability.

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