Sunday, March 10, 2013

Would e Cars Ever Make It?

One more time one has to wonder where are all the people who claim that they want an e car? The first time around, they claimed that GM was not serious about its original e car and that it should have never been killed.
The more obvious question is why should GM , or any other company for that matter, kill a profitable project. The fact of the matter is that not enough people showed any interest in that GM car.  But what about the current sophisticated plug ins from Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Cadillac, Opel... Very few are buying them. Where are the millions of environmentalists that want to decrease CO2 emissions? Where have they gone?


(Reuters) - Carmakers are going back to the drawing board in the hunt for fuel-saving technologies as hopes that electric vehicles will be the silver bullet for CO2 emissions look increasingly forlorn.
There is a growing awareness that conventional hybrids and slow-selling battery cars simply won't be enough to meet rigid EU emissions limits.
Among those showing off new ideas at the Geneva car show this week, Volkswagen presented its diesel-electric XL1 - a low-slung two-seater that burns less than a liter (0.26 U.S. gallons) of fuel per 100 kilometers (62 miles) - while PSA Peugeot Citroen rolled out a compressed-air hybrid.
Automakers are broadly on track to meet the interim goal of trimming vehicles' average CO2 output to 130 grams (4.6 ounces) per kilometer by 2015. But drastic steps are needed to meet the 95 gram target set for 2020 and the potential for tougher standards after that.
"We can't get the necessary gains we need with traditional technology any more. We're seeing a real break with the past," Peugeot innovation chief Jean-Marc Finot said in an interview.
Arthur Wheaton, automotive expert at Cornell University, offers a succinct summing up of the problem. "Battery technology has not been able to resolve the century-old problem of too much weight and limited range capability," he said.
Despite the billions spent by the likes of Renault-Nissan to develop electric cars, optimism about their future has "dampened considerably", KPMG said in a survey in January.
World leader Toyota, which launched the Prius hybrid in 1997, dropped plans for broader sale of the battery-powered eQ last September, saying it had misread demand.
GM's Opel scrapped plans for a fully electric Adam subcompact, citing high costs, while VW's luxury Audi brand shelved the electric R8 coupe and Nissan slashed the price of its Leaf after disappointing sales.
"Demand for electric cars isn't where we thought it would be," said Francois Bancon, Nissan's upstream development chief. "We're in a very uncertain phase, and everyone's a bit lost."
For automakers battered by Europe's prolonged market slump, the investment costs are a big concern. Several have joined forces to develop new technologies, most offering some degree of "hybridization" of combustion engine and electric power.
"By now we would have seen a standardization based on the pure electric car if it had turned out to be the solution," said Guillaume Faury, Peugeot's executive vice president for research and development. "That's why we're seeing so many micro-hybrids, mild hybrids, full hybrids, rechargeable hybrids, range extenders and battery cars."
Another response has been to shrink engines, removing cylinders and adding turbochargers to maintain horsepower.
VW's XL1, which draws heavily on aerodynamics, is powered by a 0.8 liter twin-cylinder engine. That substantially undercuts the fuel consumption of the 1 liter three-cylinder Up! mini, VW's smallest and cheapest production car to date.
Peugeot's Hybrid Air system, developed with German supplier Robert Bosch, will use a separate hydraulic motor driven by nitrogen compressed by energy recovered from braking.
Longer-term relief may come from cars driven by hydrogen fuel cells, which can cover much longer distances on a single top-up and refuel more quickly than battery cars.
Fuel-cell vehicles, in common with rechargeable models such as Nissan's Leaf, are propelled by electric motors. Instead of a battery, however, a "stack" of cells combines hydrogen with oxygen to generate the electricity.
Daimler, Ford and Nissan have announced joint plans to launch affordable fuel-cell cars within five years, while Toyota and BMW aim to do so by 2020.
But even if those goals are met, initial sales volumes are unlikely to make a significant contribution to the next round of EU-mandated CO2 cuts, experts say.
To make up the difference, carmakers have little choice but to squeeze more gains from existing engines as the costs and risks of developing breakthrough technologies are too high for most, said Klaus Stricker, a consultant with Bain & Company.
"I don't expect anything new to come into play in the next five to ten years," Stricker said.
Output of the XL1 - VW is planning to build 250 this year - will be too low to make a dent in the German group's fleet emissions any time soon. But the vehicle, touted by its maker as the world's most fuel-efficient production car, could be used by VW to push for "supercredits" with the European Commission.
Supercredits allow manufacturers to produce a quota of cars that exceed the CO2 target if they also make vehicles with very low emissions. German carmakers have most to gain from this because they could reduce the changes to their luxury cars.
Their poorer mass-market cousins, however, face a more fundamental challenge.
"There's more and more regulation, but customers want to pay less and less," Nissan's Bancon said. "So we have to cut prices and increase technology content - that's the headache we're faced with."
(Additional reporting by Barbara Lewis in Brussels; Editing by David Goodman)


Bradley Malave said...

The fact that Volkswagen is building a new diesel-electric car that operates at about 127 mpg is amazing. If this car is built and is affordable to the common man then this will drastically reduce the Co2 emission around the world. People will buy it because as time presses forward the price for fuel is going to increase due to the expensive cost of extracting deeper oil and people will look towards buying higher mpg cars. This car will revolutionize the way cars are being built and this is the first car that will show promiss to being eco friendly.

Currently on average, cars produce 7 pounds of Co2 per gallon of oil that is burned. If automakers can create cars that will produce only 4.6 oz per kilo then this will be an amazing accomplishment. This task has a goal for 2015 which is 2 years from now. The problem that the automotive industry faces is that people want cheaper cars but "increased technology content" which is very hard to do unless work is free.

Christie Homberg said...

This blog brings up a good question of where the environmentalist that wanted eco friendly cars have gone. Years ago when I first heard about cars that were "environmentally friendly", I remember a huge hype and people saying that a hybrid would be the next car they bought. However, I only know of two people that own a hybrid, specifically a Prius. Although I think it's great that they bought cars that have reduced co2 emissions, neither of these individuals purchased these vehicles because they wanted to reduce their impact on the environment. They were more so motivated by economic reasons. I think that's a big part of why the sales of these vehicles ended up being such a let down; the price was simply too high for many to afford.
According to the blog post, Toyota dropped plans for a battery powered eQ last fall because, "it had misread demand". I think that this issue really just goes back to the fact that if there was more education to the masses about environmental issues, and more people really understood their impact that there would be more of a demand for reduced CO2 emission vehicles.

Mary Hekker said...

I remember when eco friendly cars were just coming about and they were talked about like they were the solution to all of our problems. I would have thought that next, all the cars being manufactured and sold would be hybrids or eco friendly and that gasoline and non-hybrid cars would become obsolete. Now, it seems like eco friendly cars were just a phase. This article was very interesting because it shed some light on where the industry was with this issue. I do not have enough knowledge yet to make much sense of the numbers and statistics the article provided, but the idea reminded me of what we learned in the beginning of class. Is the lower emissions being put out by hybrid cars going to make up for the research, testing, and manufacturing of them? Will the good out-weigh the bad in this situation. Professor Karam was talking about how the reusable bags were not as effective as everyone was giving them credit for because it takes work to manufacture, ship, and sell these reusable bags and I see a common issue with the eco friendly cars. I'm looking forward to more readings like this to educate myself more on the topic.

Kay said...

This article was interesting to me because it got me to think about why something that is good for the environment (such as an electric powered car) is worth so much more on the market (and is less accessible to the public) than a combustion engine? There are obviously still many 'kinks' to be worked out with the newer technology, and I believe funding for fuel-cell research should be increased. But at the end of the day, it is clear that the allocation of true and external costs are ignored in this industry and many others. If the true/external costs of gas-powered cars (environmental degradation, shipping of parts, extraction of oil, actual quantity of parts, etc.) were factored into the price, I think we would see they are, in reality, much more costly than the newer technologies. In addition to this, the prices of gas-powered cars are heavily subsidized by the oil industry and if these subsidies were switched over to electric/fuel-cell powered engines, the costs of them would surely go down. In this case, more of those originally excited environmentalists would probably, and finally, jump on board. We will always run into these types of economic issues in the automobile and every other industry, until there is an actual systematic change that coincides with the ecological advances we try to make.

Christina F said...

I think that there are three main reasons why electric cars are not popular; people are naturally resistant to change, oil companies do not want us to switch to electric cars, and people just do not know about electric cars. Humans are creatures of habit and we tend to follow a routine. As a civilization, we have been harnessing the power of oil for centuries, and it only seems natural that it is going to take some time to make the transition from an old bad habit to a more efficient way of life. Throughout the article, the author discusses the concept of offering “hybridization” and shrinking engine size as economic and social compromises rather than going full electric. I also think that due to lobbyists, we are unable to really implement any productive legislation to limit our usage of fossil fuels and encourage car companies to build vehicles that have hybrid and electric capabilities. It does not seem fair that greed is getting in the way of a more efficient and sustainable society. Lastly, I believe that people are just unaware of the benefits of owning an electric and hybrid car. Many people think that it is more of a burden to own a hybrid car because even though they might be saving money on fuel cost, they are compromising on the luxuries and comforts of larger fuel-burning vehicles.

Jessica Y. Sanchez said...

One of the biggest problems with switching to e Cars is that the population doesn’t handle change very well. Change is always something slow going. We’ve talked about it in class, where Professor Karam has said that change will come from the current generation and the ones behind us. Well, this brings me to my next point. Most starter vehicles, for the average youth, start in the range of $10,000-$20,000 and I feel that’s being generous, but most young people cannot afford a vehicle that has a MSRP starting at $23,000 and that’s just a base model. For e Cars to become more successful there needs to be a price drop and an increase in incentives for buying one. I think another focus needs to be directed towards material innovation. Most eCars lack space and power, two key points when purchasing a new car.

Jessica Alba said...

It's amazing to hear that Volkswagen has created a car that will run on 238 mpg when it's considered a success in America to find one that uses 40 mpg. I know my car, being older, is somewhere around 25 mpg and my conscience and wallet wouldn't mind something more environmentally and economically friendly. The only reason I can think of why these creations are not nearly as popular as they should be is that oil company CEO's do not want something so efficient on the market because it would be bad for their profits, which is incredibly selfish. If this is why these cars are not selling, a major change needs to happen in the mindsets of oil owners.
That being said, it needs to be taken into consideration how forward-thinking these cars really are. does it produce more CO2 to make their batteries and engines? If so, how much more? Is the switch to a hybrid really worth it? Some cars that are part electric need to be charged to run, and the power used for them probably comes from a coal-burning plant that send electricity to your house. If this is the case then is there any real gain in buying a new car? efficiency will only go along way. While I feel manufacturing new cars with better mpgs is a smart idea, I think that more studies, research, and even advertisement should go into effect before more vehicles are actually made. This will keep people headed in the right direction of a greener future and keep the public informed.

Mr Brandini said...

Pick your poison and choose the least worst. That is basically what car manufacturers tell me me when they market their latest environmentally friendly vehicle. When to be honest, the whole idea of driving cars is unnecessary. As a student at Pace University, I know of people who insist on driving short distances and even worst, idling their cars. When my parents asked me whether I wanted their help in buying a car, I said absolutely no. I currently own two bicycles and that's more than enough for me. Those two also happen to be the only ones locked out in the university campus. As I ride my bicycle and tell my friends about the benefits of riding over driving, I have influenced three close friends to bring their bicycles, and yet, it is still not as popular as it could be. I applaud the car manufacturers for "going green", perhaps this will shape way for our future and remind people that we only have one planet, and that if everyone drove a gas-powered car, we would have no more earth.

Jeff Prizzia said...

This is a very inteesting issue that is affected by not only our environemnrt but byt the economy as well. My personal opinion is if we want to get rid of CO2 that is in our atmosphere by encouraging people to buy electric cars, then we really are not making any head way. To off set CO2 we must not produce these vehicles at all, nor should we drive them. Like Brando said, we need to either use mass transportation, simply walk, or ride a bike places. I feel that riding a bike places is the most ideal way to get from point A to B, we do not need to rely on gasoline or charging our battery. Economically it will put more money into societies pockets becasue we wont be putting money into our gasoline tanks. We should continue to think outside of the box and beyond techenology because in the end it does lead to chaos. To be environmentally friendlly we need to go to the root of the problem and avoid everything at all costs.

Nikita Iyengar said...

I think this article sheds light on the reality of hybrid cars. It is interesting to read that our perception of the difference they are making to the environment is not exactly all that we made it up to be. Yes, it does reduce CO2 emissions to a certain extent but not enough to solve our problem. We need to start enforcing the necessity of carpooling and reduction of cars on the road, we need more environmentally friendly modes of transport that will actually make a difference, and not just create an illusion that it is more green friendly like the e-cars suggest.

Remy Gallo said...

I agree with Mr Brandini in his bicycle approach, I to ride my bike to work, but the idea of not having cars is unrealistic. Riding around campus is one thing, but people who commute to work rely on their cars to keep their jobs. Obviously getting the majority of cars off the road would be the most effective approach at cutting CO2 emissions, but unfortunately that probably wont be happening in the near future. However, a ban on cars with a high CO2 output might be a more realistic first step in the process. This articles speaks about the problem of the population not buying the electric cars being made. I agree with Christina F in saying that this is largely because people are afraid of change. Some people are used moster trucks and hummers, and unless they are forced to change they wont. Also, the prices are another reason why some people chose not to buy them. Francois Bancon said " so we have to cut prices and increase technology content - that's the headache we're faced with." What Bancon is essentially saying is that this is going to be extremely hard to do. They have no clear answer to this problem as of now, and I have no idea how they could solve it. But if they want to get more people to buy, then they will have to figure it out.

Jaclyn Barbato said...

At the root of this problem lies our lifestyle. I'm sure we'd all love to drive around in an electric car, if not for ourselves than for the planet. However, issues such as the cost and the range are deterrents. Why pay more for a technology that seems to bear a burden, and little is known about? It is much more sensible for someone to lay out the money for a vehicle which assures them it will meet its purpose rather than one that's nested on a 'romantic environmentalists dream'. With the economy in it's current condition, these car makers honestly cannot expect to be met with such a high demand. Instead, these companies should take advantage of their competition. Rather than developing their fuel efficient technologies one company at a time, they should work together to develop a single technology. If these companies all than used this technology to develop their own (personalized) electric model, which they MARKETED (marketing is key!!! they must present to the public an affordable/reliable product with warranty,range,etc), and started selling these cars at an initial low cost, chances are they would be met with the demand they're looking for... From there, they can let prices rise/fall, and develop more 'higher-end' models in a higher price range. The main point I'm trying to make is that these companies aren't seeing demand because they're not giving anyone a REASON to buy these vehicles. Car companies must do their part to develop and market an attractive/well crafted/affordable/reliable vehicle to spark consumer demand.

Anonymous said...

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Laura Sorrentino said...

Electric cars will be the way of the future whether we like it or not. However, the change over is not happening fast enough. Too many people are holding onto the current state of driving because it is what everyone knows. Going to the gas station, checking oil, required maintenance, they're all aspects that our nation has become accustomed to. The price of electric cars can also be bad because in the 20,000 - 30,000 range, it is either too expensive for some OR not expensive enough and people view it as a cheaper, less luxurious vehicle. The switch over however will happen; as soon as Fossil Fuels become too expensive and most likely even before that, when innovative breakthroughs take place in which e-cars are aesthetically pretty looking like traditional cars and economically rewarding at the same time. So yes, the E-car will make it in my opinion, but how near or far into the future will depend on us.

Davin Ajodhasingh said...

European automakers have been surpassing emission standards of American cars for at least a decade. Since the mid 90’s, European automakers have been actively researching and developing the future of electric cars and over the years, they have presented their concepts at major auto shows or even movies such as the BMW I8 concept from Mission Impossible 4 which is projected to become a production car by the 2015. It is marketed as an electric sports car capable of 62mpg. The point is that the majority of automakers are ready to give the consumers what they want, which is to move into the eco-friendly vehicle market. However, the proper support systems are not place, mainly because the technology needs to be further developed, which will require a high capital investment. Electric cars are expensive and only advancements in technology over time in this market will bring the prices lower, allowing more consumers to afford it. In order for society to make a switch over to electric cars, there must be an electric grid network, charging system so people can easily charge their cars as easy as it is to find a gas station. It doesn’t seem like the world is read to make that switch yet. It appears as though less people are committed to sustaining the earth for the next generation. We are still drilling for all the oil we can get, while we can get it and satisfying our short-term needs and wants.

Anonymous said...

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aziz savadogo said...

This article is particularly interesting because of the unsaid.I think that the reason electric cars' demand didnt follow the supply is because it is still not as convenient to own a electric as it is for a gasoline car. Electric cars recharging stations are almost non existent and for example the few garages that do have a recgarging station, charge top dollars for it.
Electric cars are a good step toward a better environment but their sales are not going to rise unless major investments are made in order to accomodate electric cars driver.
Electric cars' batteries need a reload more often than your gas tank,therefore plentiful electric cars' recharging stations are needed to entice the potential customers.
I think that thanks to political will however, in the future the proportion of electric cars on the road will increase, for example mayor bloomberg recently asked the city council officials to amend building codes and institute mandates requiring landlords to ensure 20 percent of new parking spaces both public and private "will be wired and ready for electric vehicles.”
Thus adding 10 000 electric vehicles ready spots over the next seven years.

Chelsey Perman said...

When I first learned that cars were becoming eco-friendly, I thought that this would be the beginning of a new era for cars. I thought that all cars would be made this way in an effort to reduce the effects of global warming. "Demand for electric cars isn't where we thought it would be," said Francois Bancon, Nissan's upstream development chief. "We're in a very uncertain phase, and everyone's a bit lost." I think that this applies to many of the Car companies that are struggling to sell Eco-friendly vehicles. It is surprising to me that the market for eco-friendly cars has turned out this way, but then again as luxury sports cars continue to be produced, people will continue to by them. The article states that investment costs are a big concern for automakers, and the sales of new hybrid cars could be risky.

Anonymous said...

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Ginger MacDougall said...

The idea of "eco friendly" vehicles was once the idea of the future, but is now dwindling down significantly . This article speaks of the lack in demand for these cars, and the fact that there are not enough buyers. This can be for many reasons; maybe the cost of these vehicles are too high for most buyers. Perhaps there is a just a resistance to change for many people, that they are so used to their cars now and the process that comes with, that they do not want to make the change to hybrid or electric cars. Whatever the reasons, people do not see the investment in switching/buying these cars right now. As Chelsey said in her post, when the cost of fossil fuels gets high enough, then they may see the investment more. When the upkeep and running of a traditional car gets to a point where it is (economically) hard enough, then I believe people will begin to make the switch. It is just the fact that the demand for these cars, today, is just not enough.

Anonymous said...

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Phuong thuy trang said...

Are you making a turkey (or two?)? Rub that bad boy down in a salt and pepper mix, liberally rub it in butter a la Julia Child, then stuff it with thyme and lemon!

Start with your oven on a higher heat to crisp and brown the skin then turn the heat down to finish it off :)
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jeje said...

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